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What does "fan" mean?

Vocabulary Word: fan

1. 定义 (n.) someone who likes a particular thing a lot; supporter of a team, artist, etc.

举例 I’m not a big Poison fan, but I’ll go to the concert with you.

举例 I’m a Seattle Mariners fan. They’re definitely my favorite baseball team.

举例 I’ve always been an Ozzy Osbourne fan, even before he was on TV.

举例 I am a big Wham fan and have been listening to their albums since I was a child.

举例 I have been a fan of heavy metal music since I was a young boy.

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2. 定义 (n.) machine that blows air in a circle to cool a room

举例 I plug my fan in every night to cool down my house.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am an Obama fan.

03:52 AM Dec 15 2012 |

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